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Zun Promo Set 3

Add Absorb, Divine, and Surge to Runes of Zun

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The third set of rare and powerful cards for Runes of Zun

These are reprints of the originals made for our third Runes of Zun Kickstarter campaign for the Arcane Secrets expansion. They're identical, except the "promo star" has been removed. Each card is designed to make gameplay a little crazy. Include one, two, or all three in your Runes of Zun deck to spice up your game. You can even add multiple copies of the three cards – play your way!

Promo Set 3 Cards

“Surge” powers up your next move

Looking for a couple of Boosts to get ahead? Sometimes, you'll Surge into a huge combo with a Reserve to boot, and sometimes you might draw a single Share. But even a miss lets you stack the deck.

“Divine” rewards good guessing

Who doesn't want infinite card draw? Divine the type of card every turn, and you will always have more at your disposal than your opponents. And hey, you still get a free card if you aren't clairvoyant or lucky.

“Absorb” lets you steal a whole combo

If you can take the hit, Absorb can often swing the advantage in your favor. Your opponent might think twice before adding a whole hand of modifiers to an Action after you play this card. Don't forget that you can react to your own Actions, too.


These promo cards require Runes of Zun to play

Launched with Kickstarter June 2021 thanks to 444 awesome Backers!