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August 2018

Our KICKSTARTER is LIVE for Kuzushi Seasons! Please check out our project and spread the word or drop a few bucks and become one of our backers! Our campaign only runs a few short weeks so don't dilly-dally — Thank you! Love Update! We're 65% funded only 5 days in! We've got until the end of August — Let's push this over the top!

July 2018

We sent out our first few copies of Kuzushi to reviewers and have started to get some feedback:

“Kuzushi is one of the best ‘pocket’ games I have played.” — Ryan Sanders full review at The Inquisitive Meeple

“A true pocket-sized abstract strategy game is hard to come by (sorry, Hive) and Kuzushi is a lovely thing to pull out for those in-between times.” — Kurt Refling full review at Meeple Mountain

Do you have a favorite board game reviewer? Who should we reach out to next? Send us a chat here or ping us on Twitter or Facebook to let us know. Thanks!

Our Games

We make seriously casual games and we bet you'll Love them. These are our first published titles, all in stock and ready to ship!

Crazy Cake Bakery

A delicious family card game. Stack cakes, mess with your mates, match orders & win.


18 Card Sushi

18 different cute, bite-size games from 1 thin, travel-friendly box with something for everyone.



A unique game that anyone can pick up, Kuzushi is abstract strategy in a 2 inch box.


In Development

We have more games in development for release starting Fall 2018. A unique abstract path-builder and a card duel game with competative and cooperative options are the closest to release, but we have even several other games in early development stage.

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