New Games for 2018

We're making new tabletop games for release early next year.

Introducing Crazy Cake Bakery

“Stack and sell the most delicious cakes to become Top Baker! This is a family-friendly card game of patterns, planning & strategy for 2-4 players age 8 or older who have 20 minutes to spend trying to out-bake each other.”

Players take turns cooperatively building stacks of cakes in the middle of the table while they compete to fill orders by finding matches in them (eg. 2 pair, 5 all different). The first to score 10 points wins a Top Baker star. The first to win 2 stars wins the game!

This strategy card game is fun and easy enough for kids, while a poker-like flavor is built-in for grown-ups.

There are 65 cards in all:

We’ve played & tested a zillion times with 2, 3 and 4 players and it’s been great fun. We can’t wait to share this game with you, and it's coming soon! Thanksgiving Update: It's available now!

On Sale Now!

We're pleased to announce that we have a special early access sale going on at DriveThru Cards! You can order a deck of your own that will arrive in time to wrap for the season. Choose either deluxe with a sweet tuck box, or go a little cheap and get the box-free edition (with clear deck box upgrade option).

BASIC $12.99 DELUXE $14.99