Runes of Zun Press Kit



All the fun stuff from a trading card game with the pick-up-and-play of a party game.

"If Magic the Gathering and Uno had a baby, it might look like Runes of Zun." – Dave Balmer, Designer

Runes of Zun is a card-dueling game of magic and mayhem for 2-4 players. It's easy to learn and draws inspiration from collectible card games and deck builders but without all the fuss of collecting or building a deck.

Play as a Runecaster in the realm of Zun. Magic runes from a long-forgotten war fill the land. You are one of few with the gift to control them. With skill and a little luck, you may turn the tide!

Runes of Zun is a physical tabletop game for 2-4 players. But you can try Runes of Zun free on Tabletop Simulator.


  • Familiar trading card game mechanics
  • Fast hand-management play style
  • Shared deck means even chances for all players
  • Deck can be tweaked by adding or removing cards (expansions planned)
  • Multiple actions are playable on a turn
  • Actions can be enhanced with modifiers
  • Reactions can be played to counter actions


  • Duel with 2 players, battle royale with 3-4 players, or play 2v2 teams
  • Play 3v3 or 4v4 teams, each team with their own deck
  • Knock out opponents to win
  • Last player standing (or last team standing) wins
  • Play-time varies by play style and experience level, but 15 minutes per player is average (so about 30min for a 2 player game) 
  • Age 10+ recommended


  • 60 card deck designed to be cycled during the game
  • 15 different types of rune cards
  • Complete rulebook (also available as a download)
  • 4 HP tracker cards and tokens
  • 1 matte finish box with room for expansions


Expansions are small packs of cards that let players change the game. Each will have a thematic play-style that takes the game in a different direction. Each expansion is designed and tested against the others to make for a fun and balanced experience.

Adventurous players are also encouraged to build their deck as they want. For example, some cards from expansion A and some from B with some removed from the base deck. Modding to try out new ways to play is part of the design.

The Action Packed Expansion is a curated mix of 18 action cards from the base set players can use to "mod" their deck for more play variations.

The Shadow Tactics Expansion is a new set of cards that center around sneaky and tricky combinations. Think "ninja" meets "wizard".

The new Arcane Secrets Expansion is all about predicting the future. Well, advanced knowledge of the future. Actually, it's about manipulating the future.


  • Future expansions are planned throughout 2021
  • Our own digital version is in the works with release planned for late 2021



Dave Balmer
Phoenix, AZ

November 2020

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$29.99 Runes of Zun
$14.99 Action Packed Expansion
$14.99 Shadow Tactics Expansion
$14.99 Arcane Secrets Expansion
$5.99 Promo Card Reprints (Sets 1-3)
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We have a 3-minute demo that shows how to play. We also have several play-through videos that let you see all the player hands (using Tabletop Simulator).

More videos on YouTube

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For more information, please contact Dave Balmer using phone, email, or chat as below. Thank you!