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Runes of Zun
Runes of Zun

Runes of Zun

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The fun stuff from a trading card game with the pick-up-and-play of a party game

Play as a Runecaster in the realm of Zun. Magic runes from a long-forgotten war fill the land. You are one of few with the gift to control them. With skill and luck, you could turn the tide!

Runes of Zun is a card-dueling game of magic and mayhem for 2-4 players. It's easy to learn and draws inspiration from collectible card games but without all the fuss of collecting.

Runes of Zun includes

  • 60 card deck made of 15 different runes
  • 4 HP Trackers
  • Complete printed rules
  • An attractive matte-finish box with room for expansions

Many ways to play

  • Duel 1×1
  • Team up 2×2
  • Battle royale with 3–4 players
  • Add a second deck to play 3×3 or 4×4 teams
  • Add expansions to change the game

Friendly to new players

  • New players don't have to buy their own decks
  • Easy to learn — each card explains how to use it
  • No setup time so you can jump into a game fast

Interesting to advanced players

  • A shared deck levels the playing field
  • Add expansions or change the deck composition
  • Tons of creative combos are possible
  • Strong play and advanced tactics are rewarding

Runes of Zun cards

There are 15 kinds of Rune cards. Each is easy to learn. Combine modifiers with actions, play multiple actions on your turn, and fight back with reactions. You can play good or bad actions or reactions on any player — even yourself! Countless clever combinations are possible.

Add the expansions

Runes of Zun has three expansions plus three limited-run promo card sets. Add or remove cards and customize your deck to play your way.

Action Packed Expansion
Shadow Tactics Expansion
Arcane Secrets Expansion

Promo Card Set 1
Promo Card Set 2
Promo Card Set 3

More info

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The Print and Play Edition is also available if you want to download, print, and cut your own set of cards.

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