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Runes of Zun
Runes of Zun
Runes of Zun

Runes of Zun

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All the fun stuff from a trading card game with the pick-up-and-play of a party game

Play as a Runecaster in the realm of Zun. Magic runes from a long-forgotten war fill the land. You are one of few with the gift to control them. With skill and a little luck, you may turn the tide!

Runes of Zun is a card-dueling game of magic and mayhem for 2-4 players. It's easy to learn and draws inspiration from collectible card games and deck builders but without all the fuss of collecting or building a deck.

The Print and Play Edition is also available if you want to download, print, and cut your own set of cards.

Add the Action Packed Expansion

Part party game, part strategy card game. It's like a collectible card game where everyone plays from the same deck.

  • Duel with 2 players
  • Battle royale with 3-4
  • Team up and play 2v2

Unique card system is easy to play and teach.

  • Combine rune cards to build huge combos
  • Play multiple actions on your turn, enhance them with modifiers, and defend yourself with reactions
  • Discover new ways to outplay your opponents

  • 60 colorful rune cards: 28 actions, 22 modifiers, and 10 reactions
  • 4 HP tracker cards
  • 4 HP tokens
  • The complete rulebook
  • An attractive matte finish box with room for expansions

Each player starts with an HP tracker and a hand of 5 cards from the same deck. Track your HP as you play. Each time your HP goes down to a lower bar (like, from 9 HP to 8 HP), you can't go back up! If you run out of HP, you're defeated. Another player might play a revive card to bring you back, but at great cost. Be the last player standing to win!

Play multiple Actions

Here are 3 of the 9 types of action cards. Play as many as you like on your turn, but watch out for reaction cards! Do you play Daze so you can safely Steal? Or heal with Restore and wait for a better hand? Or both? Discard and redraw up to 5 cards at the end of your turn. Unless of course, you ended up with more than 5 cards...

How you play your actions is up to you! Do you go all-out? Or do you save up and build a massive combo?

Power-up with Modifiers

Modifiers can make your Actions several times more powerful! As long as you match the modifier icon along the left side, there's no limit to the number of modifiers you can place on an action card!

Above is a common play using an Attack rune empowered with 2 Boost runes! A powerful attack indeed, but perhaps this is too aggressive? Do you play into your opponent's hand, praying they don't react to your heavy hit? Or do you save a Boost for another rune?

Fight back with Reactions

Reaction cards can turn the tables or give some hope during a rough attack. Reaction cards can be played on another player's turn as long as someone is using an action card against you!

Here, you play a Redirect with a Boost modifier! These runes are a perfect counter to a massive attack from someone who played their whole hand to defeat you! If they have no cards left, their rune can be used against them with even more power behind it!

Unleash killer combos!

You can mix actions and modifiers to make great combos on your turn. You can even build up your hand size with special action and reaction card combos. Watch out though! Every card you draw past 10 in your hand will cause you to lose 1 HP! Check out all the actions, modifiers, and reactions below and see what you can dream up.

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Add the Action Packed Expansion


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