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Reckless Magic Double-Size Expansion

36 cards! Pre-order to get 3 exclusive foil promo cards

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Shipping July 2022

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New Expansion with Double the Cards

Reckless Magic comes packed with 36 cards made from 15 all-new designs — twice as many as previous expansions.

Mix some or all of these double-edged actions, modifiers, and reactions into your Runes of Zun deck. As part of the theme, there's a reverse Boost-like card called "Reduce," which can be used to modify any card that allows Boost by lowering effects and even flipping them completely! Most of the other cards have something good and something bad, so by adding modifiers like Reverse and Boost, you can twist them into double-good and double-bad effects.

Reckless Magic Cards

Like all rune card expansions for Runes of Zun, Reckless Magic has been designed and tested with different combinations of the original deck and previous expansions. They play well with whatever cards you have. Plus, we encourage Players to change and customize their deck to suit their mood. For this release, we recommend using fewer ongoing cards and focusing on immediate effects with digits to Reverse and Reduce.

Exclusive Foil Promo Cards for Pre-Orders Only!

Pre-order by May 31 and get a set of these brand new promo cards designed to pair nicely with Reckless Magic in pre-order-exclusive foil. Like all our previous promo cards, use them with caution as they can make the game more chaotic (and fun!)

This expansion requires Runes of Zun to play