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Action Packed Expansion

More action cards for Runes of Zun

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More action for Runes of Zun

Customize your Runes of Zun deck. This Runes of Zun expansion works a bit like a “side deck” in other strategy card games or “house rules” for classic board games. Everyone has favorite cards, but with the Action Packed Expansion, you can test out crazy deck ideas. Mix up and swap out cards from the play deck, or find out just how chaotic the game can get!

House rules and modifications seem to be a natural direction for many players. Have you ever wanted to play the game without healing? Can you defeat each other if there are no Attack cards? What would happen if you just stuck another dozen and a half more actions into the base deck?

Action Packed Cards

This expansion requires Runes of Zun to play

Launched with Kickstarter August 2021 thanks to 399 awesome Backers!