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Sequencing • Movement • Customizable Board

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The Toughest Pacifist Wins!

Guide your pieces home before your opponent does the same. There are no captures, and you can’t move a piece two turns in a row. Once you move do a piece, it can't stop until it reaches an obstacle or another piece. Outwit your opponent to score points. Each piece that scores is removed from the board, leaving you less pieces to control the game.

Endless Possibilities 

You can play the same board over and over to discover its secrets. You can even re-arrange the board to try new things. Add or remove pieces and map tiles to completely change the winning strategy. We include 16 designs, but there are millions for you to discover.

Nersha Includes

  • 48 Map tiles
  • 7 Unique tile types
  • 24 weighted resin pieces
  • Millions of possible maps to challenge you
  • Player guide
Launched with Kickstarter August 2021 thanks to 150 awesome Backers!
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