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Kuzushi Seasons

Compete for space with your favorite seasonal Japanese flowers

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Plant the seeds of victory

Kuzushi Seasons is a unique strategy game for 2-4 players that anyone can learn and enjoy. It's easy to teach and challenging to master. This version of Kuzushi is based on four iconic seasonal flowers of Japan. Build the board as you play. Control more space with your flower tiles to win.

2019 Mensa Mind Games Finalist

Kuzushi Seasons includes

  • 78 tiles in all
  • 2 double-sided City cards (one city per color)
  • 4 sets of 19 double-sided flower tiles (one set per color)
  • An attractive box with room for up to 2 more sets of tiles

Many ways to play

  • Duel 1×1
  • Team up 2×2
  • Battle royale with 3–4 players
  • Add other Kuzushi games to play up to 6 players
  • Add another Kuzushi Seasons set to increase the board size and game complexity

Great for new and advanced players

  • Easy to learn
  • Multiple ways to win
  • Clever tie-break condition
  • Add more sets to allow for more players or more challenging games

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