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Kuzushi Seasons

Kuzushi Seasons

Pocket Size • Area Control • Tile Placement

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Balance Space and Time to Win

“Kuzushi” means to unbalance your opponent in martial arts. Start with one tile, then add more to control space as both players build the board. Unbalance your opponent’s position with clever moves and perfect timing.

Kuzushi Seasons is a unique abstract strategy game for 2-4 players that anyone can learn and enjoy. This version of Kuzushi is based on four iconic seasonal flowers of Japan.

2019 Mensa Mind Games Finalist

Kuzushi Seasons includes

  • 19 Plum Blossom tiles for Winter
  • 19 Cherry Blossom tiles for Spring
  • 19 Sunflower tiles for Summer
  • 19 Chrysanthemum tiles for Fall
  • Starting cards for each season
  • Cute box with room for 2 more sets of tiles

Many ways to play

  • Duel 1×1
  • Team up 2×2
  • Battle royale with 3–4 players
  • Add other Kuzushi tile sets to play up to 6 players
  • Add another Kuzushi Seasons set to increase the board size and game complexity


    Launched with Kickstarter August 2018 thanks to 107 awesome Backers!
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