Kuzushi Seasons
Kuzushi Seasons
Kuzushi Seasons
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Kuzushi Seasons

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An elegant game of strategy and influence

Kuzushi is a unique strategy game for 2-6 players that anyone can learn and enjoy. It's easy to teach but challenging to master.

This version of Kuzushi is based on iconic seasonal flowers found in Japan. Kuzushi Seasons comes in a cute box with enough tiles for up to 4 players. Build the board as you play. Control more space with your flower tiles to win.

There are no captures, only influence and area control. Play builds out from a single tile in whichever direction the players build, creating an asymmetric and organic game. Every move is a choice between fighting and building, between strategy and tactics. Plant your path to victory.

There are four seasonal flowers to choose from: Cherry Blossom, Sunflower, Chrysanthemum, and Plum Blossom.

Decide who goes first. That player puts down a "city" card with their color to start the game. Winter starts with their city card. The "board" will build from here, and trying to control the direction of the board is part of the opening strategy.

Players take turns placing a "base" tile next to any other tile on the board. Here, Spring places a base next to the Winter city to start their turn.

Each base tile influences the 4 spaces above, below, left, and right of it. For each of the spaces, the player who has the most base tiles adjacent is said to control it. Here, the Spring base controls the spaces above, below, and to the right. Spring places a "flag" tile in each space they control to end their turn.

Winter fights back by placing a base tile of their own. Then they place flag tiles to mark the space it controls. The Spring flag in the middle is removed and returned to the Spring player because neither player has a majority of base tiles next to it.

Spring responds, adds more to their territory, and removes a Winter base tile.

Play continues, back and forth. Here, Winter strikes out in a new direction and adds to their territory while removing a Spring flag.

In a two-player game, players take turns until they build and fill a 6×6 board. Then the player who has the most tiles of their color wins. Note that any type of tile counts. Here, Winter wins with 19 tiles to Spring's 17.

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