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Swap, Stack, and Score

A party game with more than cute chocolates to sink your teeth into. Players arrange chocolates on the table to try and fill orders to score points. You have to work to build your own order combos while blocking your opponents. And there's a limited set of orders. The easy ones go fast, so plan ahead! It's kind of like a certain candy-swapping puzzle game but made with cards where players can mess with the board of chocolates — and each other!

Chocoloco Includes

  • 72 card deck
  • 32 chocolate cards
  • 12 action cards
  • 21 two-sided order cards (normal side, advanced side)
  • 4 two-sided win tracker cards (round winning side, game-winning side)
  • Deluxe linen matte-finish 300 GSM blue core poker size cards (2.5" x 3.5")
  • Game rules and player guide
  • Durable matte-finish 2-piece travel-friendly box

Pre-Order Exclusive!

Now through September 30, you get these sweet promo cards free with your order. They really spice up the game! The order card is two-sided — one normal, the other advanced.

Launched with Kickstarter May 2022 thanks to 136 awesome Backers!