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Start simple with the base game—it's very easy to get new players hooked with the core experience. Add expansions as you get a feel for what you like and want in your games. Plays with up to 4 players.

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Just a few comments made by Runes of Zun players

  • I am in love with this game in a way I didn’t think I could be with card games. It’s a beautiful take on the competitive card game archetype that deserves all the love.”

  • I’m an MTG player and I love this game! Well done, folks! Happy customer right here.”

  • Very simple to pick up, but manages to recreate the depth and trickery of ‘Magic the Gathering’ without the steep learning curve.”

  • ‘Magic: the Gathering’ without the BS. A fast and fun strategy card game that can be a slugfest or a game of subterfuge.”

  • “I received Runes of Zun in the mail a few days ago. Easily one of the most fun games I’ve ever played.

  • But for real – for real – this game is awesome! If you like strategy card games, player vs player style, Runes of Zun needs to be added to your collection!”

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How to Play.

There's more to the game, but the basics here are enough to explain the game to your friends!

Runes of Zun is a living game.

Launched in 2020 and still going strong after 5 expansions. Runes of Zun delivers a casual TCG-like experience but with a shared deck. You can bring Zun and start playing anywhere with anyone. No one has to buy hundreds of random packs to try to build the ultimate deck. It's a level playing field, but you still need the skill to use what comes your way.

Each expansion has added more themes and new fun concepts to the game, allowing for the group to decide their comfort level of complexity and chaos. For example, our newest release, Forbidden Lands, brought a brand-new card type, the Location card! Playing with this expansion allows all players to move to new places with various levels of risks and rewards when played around well.

Since the start, Runes of Zun has been about the rune-slinging residents of the realm of Zun battling with all kinds of exotic Runes. With the introduction of Forbidden Lands, the world of Zun has opened up to a vast globe of wild and chaotic locations.

Now is the perfect time to start playing as our 5th expansion has unleashed both new and old runecasters to journey across the world of Zun!

Everything under the Zun.

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Join the official Runes of Zun Discord server. Get help from our team and share deck building ideas and clever tactic with other players.