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Runes of Zun Year One Collection

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If you missed the Kickstarter, you’ve got one last chance to get this unique bundle.

Get 45% off ALL the Runes of Zun cards released in the past year. Includes the original game, all three expansions, and 2 sets of the 9 original promo cards (132 cards!) All in a limited edition thicker box that fits everything — even sleeved cards.


  • Runes of Zun game in a collectible 3" thick box
  • Action Packed expansion cards
  • Shadow Tactics expansion cards
  • Arcane Secrets expansion cards
  • Two copies each of promo card set 1, 2, and 3 (18 promo cards!)

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Funded with Kickstarter November 2021 thanks to 601 awesome Backers!