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Extra Reckless Magic Pre-Order Promo Set

Get extra copies of these pre-order promo cards

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Shipping July 2022

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More Promo Cards!

Available in foil or non-foil, your choice. During our pre-order event for the new Reckless Magic expansion, you can add extra sets of the new promo cards to your order. This offer will expire when the pre-order promotion ends.

Reckless Magic Promo Cards

“Negate” weakens everything for a turn

Want to know what’s better than preventing certain actions from hurting you? Removing all the digits from every card for a round! Not only can you Negate bad things from happening to you, but your opponents can’t do much for themselves, either.

“Cycle” lets you replace lost cards

A great way to force an Action out at an inopportune time, Coerce can sometimes even hit your opponent for a lot of damage. Beware the feedback if you play this against someone who isn’t holding an Action.

“Coerce” uses their cards against them

Out with the old, in with the new. If you lose cards, you can Cycle in fresh replacements as long as you don’t run out completely.

These promo cards require Runes of Zun to play