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Zun Promo Set 3

Add Divine, Surge, and Absorb to Runes of Zun

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The third set of rare and powerful cards for Runes of Zun

These are reprints of the originals made for our third Runes of Zun Kickstarter campaign for the Arcane Secrets expansion in May 2021. They're identical, except the "promo star" has been removed. Each card is designed to make gameplay a little crazy. Include one, two, or all three in your Runes of Zun deck to spice up your game. You can even add multiple copies of the three cards – play your way!

“Surge” lets you power up

Use it to peek at the top 5 cards in the deck and put any modifiers you find right into your hand! After you put the rest of the cards you looked at back on top of the deck, you'll have advanced knowledge of those cards, which can be very useful.

“Divine” lets you get an extra card every turn

Take a card from the deck at the end of your turn. If you can also guess the card type before you take it, you can keep Divine in play for your next turn!

“Absorb” is a new reaction card

Play it as a reaction, then take that action and any modifiers played against you into your hand. Sweet, sweet revenge...

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These promo cards require Runes of Zun to play

Funded with Kickstarter June 2021 thanks to 444 awesome Backers!