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Zun Promo Set 2

Add Cheat, Mimic, and Decoy to Runes of Zun

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The second set of rare and powerful cards for Runes of Zun

These are reprints of the originals made for our second Runes of Zun Kickstarter campaign for the Shadow Tactics expansion in January 2021. They're identical, except the "promo star" has been removed. Each card is designed to make gameplay a little crazy. Include one, two, or all three in your Runes of Zun deck to spice up your game. You can even add multiple copies of the three cards – play your way!

Promo Set 2 Cards

“Mimic” lets you copy a card

Use it to make a "copy" of any active card on the table and put it in your hand. Just pick a card that's in play (including ongoing effects), grab it, and put Mimic in its place. It's like Steal and Reserve combined – only better!

“Decoy” is a new reaction card

This reaction card prevents you from being affected. After resolving the action you're reacting to, you can't be touched until your next turn. Drop this decoy down and make your escape!

“Cheat” lets you take from the discards

Yes, any card. Just play Cheat, then start digging through the discard pile like a crazy person until you find that sweet card which your opponent foolishly threw away. It's yours now! Oh, and you can Boost it, letting you take more cards. This can be a big game-changer.

These promo cards require Runes of Zun to play

Launched with Kickstarter January 2021 thanks to 705 awesome Backers!