Kuzushi Rules

Kuzushi is an area control board game for 2-6. Players take turns placing cards of their color to try and control a majority of the board. Each card has two sides, one side has a small design (called a "flag") and the other side has a larger design (called a "base").

Base Flag City


Players place cards of their color to influence and control as much as they can. The board is created as the game is played and players compete to define the board limits with each turn.



Randomly decide who goes first, or whoever had the lowest score from the last game goes first.

Split the card deck by color. Each player should get 19 cards of their color.

Set any "city" cards aside (they have a square border with "KUZUSHI" down the middle).


To begin, the first player places a city card with their color face-up. This move only happens once per game and provides a starting point for subsequent moves. After the first player places their city card, they end their first turn and play continues as below.


Each player will take a turn to placing a card from their color with the base side up. The card must be placed orthogonally next to any other card (of any color) and never over another card. Alternatively, you may choose a flag card of your color on the table and flip it over to make it a base.

Every base card influences squares orthogonally adjacent to it. Mark squares that you control with flag cards of your color. For each of the 4 adjacent squares to your new base, see which player has the most base cards adjacent to it. If there is no majority, remove the flag card and return it to its owner. If you have the majority of bases next to a given spot, mark it with a flag card of your color.

Players will build the board in any direction provided that they keep it within the limits of the board (based on number of players, see below). Once a dimension is established, it can't be passed.

Board Sizes

 Players Board Limit

6 x 6











The game ends when the board is filled or when a player runs out of their cards. The player with the most cards of their color on the board wins. In the event of a tie, the player with the largest "island" of orthogonally connected cards of their color breaks the tie and is the winner.

Here's a brief play-through video showing 4 players competing on an 8x8 board.