Runes of Zun Promo Set 1
Runes of Zun Promo Set 1
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Runes of Zun Promo Set 1

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A set of rare and powerful cards for Runes of Zun

These are reprints of the originals made for our original Runes of Zun Kickstarter campaign in September 2020. They're identical, except the "promo star" has been removed. Each card is designed to make gameplay a little crazy. Include one, two, or all three in your Runes of Zun deck to spice up your game. You can even add multiple copies of the three cards – play your way!

“Wild Magic” is unpredictable

Use it as an Action, Reaction, or Modifier – your choice. Draw until you reach the type of card you want and play it. Be careful, though! You have to declare your target first, so you might get unexpected results. You might help an opponent or do harm to yourself.

“Decree” forces all players to do as you do

Raise or lower everyone's HP. Force everyone to draw or discard a card. By the way, this card can be boosted. So imagine making everyone lose 3 HP instead of just 1!

“Anarchy” lets you bend the rules

All players may ignore modifier restrictions on all cards! This card stays on the table until the next time the discards are shuffled into a new deck. Anarchy opens the door for some creative and insane card interactions and combos.

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The Print and Play Edition is also available if you want to download, print, and cut your own set of cards.

These promo cards require Runes of Zun to play

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