Crazy Cake Bakery
Crazy Cake Bakery
Crazy Cake Bakery

Crazy Cake Bakery

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Stack and sell the most delicious cakes to become Top Baker! This is a family-friendly card game of patterns, planning & strategy.

  • Easy to learn
  • Delicious family fun
  • Cooperate to build cakes
  • Compete to fill orders
  • 8 tasty cake flavors
  • 70 cards in all

Players: 2-4
Game Time: 30min

Players take turns cooperatively building stacks of cakes in the middle of the table while they compete to fill orders by finding matches in them (eg. 2 pair, 5 all different). The first to score 10 points wins a Top Baker star. The first to win 2 stars wins the game!

  • 32 Cake cards with 8 delicious flavors: strawberry, chocolate, key lime, red velvet, blueberry, ginger carrot, lemon, and pistachio
  • 20 Order cards you use to match cake layers & score: 2 pair, 5 all different, 3 or 4 of a kind, and full house
  • 12 Action cards that let you stack the cakes in your favor like: trade places, lift off, pass left & pass right
  • 4 Top Baker win counter cards
  • 2 cards which explain the rules and setup