Why We Love Making Games

It's midnight, but no one wants to go home yet. We're in the mood for a game. We clear the table and pull out that sweet big box we got for Christmas and start unpacking. Nik takes charge of setting up. He always sets up. He's really good at it. We organize the bits of cardboard and plastic for our sections of the table as he reads the rules aloud. Our enthusiasm is still there even after it's pretty clear we've got a while before we can play this new game.

But there's a problem. Our table is too small. We literally can't play the game on our table. It's now 1am and we've spent an hour preparing to play what we still agree will be a fun game. Except now our enthusiasm is gone. No one has the energy to pack it up and start over on a bigger table (or the floor). Before we give up for the night, we grab a fun filler game and have a blast playing it over and over. Nights like this are why we make games.

We make games that are:

Our Team

Dave Balmer

Partner / Design / Development

“I love simple things with hidden complexities. I bring this appreciation and a sense of playfulness to my designs. I used to make video games, but now I make tabletop games. To me, they bring people together in a more meaningful way. I love how much fun you can have with some friends a box full of cardboard bits and a little imagination.”

Ann Cronin

Partner / Operations / Support

“I had an early love for card games thanks to my grandmother. I went from board games to video games and taught my young sons the finer points of Mario and Sonic. After consoles I moved to the PC & got hooked on online games. Now I've come full circle and I prefer tabletop games again.”

Jeremy Corley

Breaker of games, social butterfly, demo monkey, shrink wrap savant.

Nik Cronin

Game skeptic, tester, master of rules and setup.

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