About Us

We're a couple.
Of gamers.
Who Love games.

Dave Balmer

Obsessive software developer by day.
Obsessive game designer by night.

“I love simple things with hidden complexities. I bring this appreciation and a sense of playfulness to my designs. My gamer path through life can be summed up as: cards, Pong, Tron, D&D, Chess, Othello, Civilization, Tie Fighter, Tetris, Quake, EQ, WOW, Munchkins, Cryptozoic, Tokaido, and Lanterns. I used to make video games, but now I make tabletop games. To me, they bring people together in a more meaningful way. I love how much fun you can have with some friends, a box full of cardboard bits and a little imagination.”

Ann Cronin

OG Gamer GRRL.
Woman of Whimsy & Wonderment.

“I was a little girl when I became fascinated with games. I had an early love for card games thanks to my grandmother, who taught me how to play smart and to lose with a smile. I went from board games to video games, and bounced from Pong to Atari to Nintendo. I even taught my young sons the finer points of Mario and Sonic. After consoles I moved to the PC & got hooked on MMO games for many years. I've now come full circle. I love tabletop games again. I love playing them and I love making them.”